Freelance work for an American startup based in Bangalore, India. Design of the logo and communication for a target of young working westerners.

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Hello, world hungry travelers.and bon appétit!

Nothing like a fresh roadside coconut to start your morning off. Stan-the-Coconut-Man fell in love with coconuts and Bangalore during his 4 month robotics internship. Delve into his story about his time in Bangalore, his experiences, and his plans for coming back.

Sugary and fatty foods for your main course? Absolutely not. Veggies with a side of exercise. Join JanaCare to help reverse the obesity epidemic that's happening throughout emerging economies. Janacare is an MIT and Harvard spin-off that's creating mobile based digital therapy programs for managing Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes. In simple words, they're turning your mobile phone into a personal diagnostic lab and a 24/7 educator to support the millions that are struggling with or have a predisposition for the disease.

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Work with their offices in India for 6 months to learn the inner-workings of the business and the technology, then head back to the US to head up their sales team in NYC. Will be primarily a sales based role but enormous opportunity for growth and to turn it into a managerial position down the line.     

That slightly sour, gone off cream you just poured over your apple pie? Yeah, that was you putting an objective in your resume.

We know what you want because you applied for the position! So if you want to send some extra information, chuck it in the body2 of the application email to show you care. This is not a place to reiterate points that are on your resume. Give them a short and sweet paragraph on why this position suits you like strawberries go with cream (yes, I am English..).

Last week we spread the work abroad word at Cornell. Next week it's Northeastern, Harvard, and Fordham.

Want to get involved but don't go to these schools? Have no fear, we're holding our very first work abroad interactive webinar on Friday 20th November at 2PM. 

Only the first hundred will get the chance to be involved so sign up quickly!

We can find you jobs with some of the most exciting companies around the world. Early stage companies that have been recently funded and are looking to explode into the world startup scene. You can be a part of it all and play a role in the growth of these companies as they continue to scale and become global players. 

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